The Witch Vanisher

The Witch Vanisher
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Imagine the teacher you see every day in front of the blackboard being a witch. And all the teachers in your school are wtches. Imagine these witches changing children into used toothbrushes, broken toys, and cracked picture frames. What to do? They must be wanished!

According to Grandpa Sigismund, it is possible to vanish even the most evil witch into a prefectly innocent and pleasent lady. The witch vanishers, however, have died out. Except for one.

Unfortunaly, he has taken on a special job and is not allowed to vanish witches anymore. That's why seven-year-old Rob has to learn the art. But vanishing witches is devilishly dangerous! To avoid mistakes you must leaf through thousands of forgotten books. Do you really want to climb up and down dusty bookshelves? Isn't it easier to just read the book you're holding in your hand? In this book, our hero vanishes a pack of witches and frees all the bewitched children.

Softcover, 15,5 x 23 cm, 203 pages.