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Slovenian traditions and songs

Slovenian traditions and songs
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  • Avtor:

    Dušica Kunaver, Brigita Lipovšek

  • Založba:

    Dušica Kunaver, samozaložba

  • Prevajalec:

    Nataša Kocjanc

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Slovenian traditions and songs from January to December, collected by Dušica Kunaver and Brigita Lipovšek, offers a brief look at customs and songs which have grown out of the Slovenian soil.

Hardcover, 15,5 x 21,5 cm, 224 pages.

In these folk traditions we find a true picture of a nation which survived a thousand years of foreign rule and yet still preserved its identity and uniqueness.

The roots of many Slovenian traditions go back to the Indo-european past, to the time when Europe was a truly united place. Today, Slovenes as citizens on an independent state wish to enrich modern Europe with the ancient culture of our nation, but at home, we wish to preserve our traditions as a precious heritage for future generations.

Excerpt from the book, which describes "Oj, triglav, moj dom", one of the Slovenian folk songs: "The song is an ode to the highest peak in Slovenia. Nature there is still so beautiful and untouched. People visit Triglav to enjoy this beauty... "