Giants of the Himalayas


Giants of the Himalayas
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In the book, Grošelj presented all of the fourteen world's eight-thousanders and outlined the history of ascents to their peaks with a special focus on the activity of the Slovenian alpinists, whose outstanding achievements in the Himalayas place them among the best in the world. The book includes all the data on participation of Slovenian alpinists, be it in Slovenian or foreign expeditions. It is written in the author's characteristic lively and interesting style, and the text is richly accompanied with numerous photos.

The book's author Viki Grošelj, born on 3 June 1952, is a renowned alpinist, Himalayan climber, mountain rescuer and mountain guide. By profession, he is a PE teacher. As an alpinist, in addition to numerous ascents accomplished in domestic and foreign mountains, he participated in more than thirty expeditions in the mountains outside of Europe. In the Himalayas, he has accomplished eleven ascents to the peaks of ten eight-thousanders.

Hard copy, 20,5 x 26 cm, 248 strani.