The Energy Number Book (English)

The Energy Number Book (English)
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Learn how to activate your home and office for success and abundance, based on your personal day of birth. Find your Energy Number and your best directions for success, health, relationships and wisdom. Discover the soul journey and the best professional choices, health practices, relationship steps and wisdom ritual for each Energy Number.

Learn what the best colors are for doing your activations and get the details on how to set up your personal vision board to create 33% higher results in manifestation.

Location is everything. Being at the right place can change your life.In The Energy Number Book Marie Diamond teaches you all about your best location based on your personal Energy Number. Locating yourself in the right place will increase the positive Chi at home or at any place you are. When the positive energy flow increases, your wishes can manifest faster and with ease.

Mehka vezava, 15,5 x 23,5 cm, 218 strani.