From slavery to freedom


From slavery to freedom
  • From slavery to freedom
  • From slavery to freedom
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A book for all those who want to put the heavy burdens of the past behind them.

This book helps you in difficult moments. Even the hardest ones. It gives hope, strength, faith in life, and the meaning of perseverance.
This book has been a work in progress for at least 13, maybe even 24 years, but it finally found its way out after the Camino; after the journey that echoes my personal transition from slavery to freedom; after the liberation from childhood trauma I had been fighting for.

I was prepared to travel to the end of the world to get out, to rid myself of the shackles that had been getting heavier and heavier, and that is exactly what I did. I travelled to the end of the world, to Fisterra, in search of lightness and freedom.

Bestseller in Slovenia! More than 7000 copies sold in a country with only 2 million people.

About the author Petra Škarja
Be who you are; do what makes you happy is her basic motto and the motto of all her books.

She is the author of several bestselling books, the most successful of which is American Millionaires Have Spoken, which has been translated into Croatian, English, Russian and sold the copyright to China. In her own words, the most successful book is CAMINO - From Slavery to Freedom, which has touched the most hearts and changed the most lives.

She is invited as a speaker in schools, businesses, associations, libraries, etc. She has also spoken at TEDx and even in China.

For the love of books, she founded the 5KA Publishing House, where talented (and often unknown) Slovenian writers are supported. Globo believes that there are stories that deserve to live forever - let's give them that forever...

Mehka vezava, 14,5 x 21 cm, 319 strani.